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J'accepte - Custom stainless steel numbers, letters and signs

High-end manufacturing of stainless steel signage for hotels, professionals and individuals. is the showcase site created by the company "Lacier sarl" located in the Lille region (Lomme).

We are manufacturer of all the products that you will find on signage- Therefore we control the quality of the design until the delivery of your product.

We strive to choose the best materials for our different products:

► 304L stainless steel: used for common indoor or outdoor parts (X2 Cr Ni 18 09)
► 316L stainless steel: has the same characteristics as 304L but is resistant to chemical agents such as chlorine or saline environment: used for swimming pools or seaside (X2 Cr Ni Mo 17 12 02)
► Aluminum 5754
► S235 / S355

We offer various perfectly mastered finishes

► 220 grit stainless steel - This is basic industrial polishing
► 320 grain polished stainless steel - This is the polishing used in the decoration sector (splashbacks and other products)
► 400 grit polished stainless steel - Very high-quality manual craft polishing - This is a very fine polishing performed piece by piece.
► Mirror polished stainless steel - Handcrafted polishing performed piece by piece with the polishing machine.
► Sandblasting and microblasting - piece by piece recovery of microblasting sandblasting products
► gilded mirror and brushed gold - 24-carat electrolysis in gold plating - Custom-made
► Powder coating with standard and decorative Ral Bichon and AkzoNobel.

worked in laser cutting

► Stainless steel from 1 to 15mm
► Steel from 1 to 20mm
► Aluminum from 1 to 12mm

Possible formats

► Sheet sizes of 3000x1500mm
► Sheet sizes of 2500x1250mm
► Sheet sizes of 2000x1000mm

Signaletique-inox quality by "Lacier Sarl"

► The quality of the finish begins with the creation of a "clean" vector design to facilitate laser cutting
► Strategic implementation of laser attacks for a qualitative recovery
► Resumption of laser file attacks for numbers, letters, pictograms
► Very qualitative manual polishing for your stainless steel numbering, signage in order to remove all traces of the laser (burned pvc, attacks, burrs) and in order to improve the surface condition.

Tools and machines for quality work

► Laser cutting
laser cutting allows parts to be cut to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. The cutting quality is very clean compared to water jet or flame cutting methods. The maximum cutting format is 3000x1500mm.

► Press brake with digital control
the numerically controlled press brake consists in bending sheets while configuring the information by numerical control. This provides results and bending tolerances to 0.3 / 0.5mm. It is possible to fold over a length of 3m.

► TIG welding / MIG welding
Depending on the files to be processed and the sheet thicknesses, we perform TIG (fine sheet metal) or MIG (sheet metal-sheet metal) welding. Each file requires specific precision and preparation.

► Tapping arm
Our tapping arm allows us to tap a large number of holes without manipulation which can cause claws for example. We can tap from M3 to M33 with high quality.

► Tribofinishing by centrifugal force
The tribofinishing consists in placing in the machine (40L bowl) porcelain media mixed with the parts to be treated in stainless steel and rotating the assembly at high speed while incorporating soap drop by drop as well as powdered abrasive for 2 to 5 hours. Depending on the media chosen, we obtain parts with rounded deburring edges or even polished parts.

► Tribofinishing by vibrating bowl
Operation is close to tribofinishing by centrifugal force. This time, the "bowl" vibrates thanks to a motor which turns with an eccentric axis. The movement of the parts is in vibration no longer in rotation.

► Polishing machine
the polishing machine consists in polishing the parts manually which provides an optimal polishing result.

► Ducting by capacitor discharge on telescopic arm
Ducting consists of welding spacers to the back of our numbers or letters. The advantage of this device is the quality of welding without visible traces compared to TIG welding or MIG welding.

► Gear column drill
The automatic feed gear column drill allows qualitative drilling without forcing the product.

► Cutting plotter
Our cutting plotter consists in cutting on a high quality adhesive of high resistance (8 years) your signage on vinyl. The cutting is controlled by computer. the cutting precision is 0.1-0.2mm.

► Engraving by milling
We can engrave your products thanks to our machine dedicated to engraving on milling. This machine is recommended according to the fonts desired by customers or logos requiring high precision. Milling engraving removes 0.1 to 0.3mm and is not

► Engraving by milling
We can engrave your products thanks to our machine dedicated to engraving on milling. This machine is recommended according to the fonts desired by customers or logos requiring high precision. Milling engraving removes 0.1 to 0.3mm and is therefore not colored unlike laser engraving.

► Laser engraving
Laser engraving consists in "burning" the material thanks to the high intensity laser beam. Depending on the intensity, it is possible to tint the room in various colors. Laser engraving removes 0.05-0.1mm and is the solution recommended for the design of key chains for example.

We generally work for projects of individuals, professionals (architects, designers), kitchen designers, hotels.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your tailor-made projects or simply for technical information on 03-20-48-83-49 or by email:


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