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Leather plate 100x100 / 150x150 + Assembled number ep4mm

Design numéro assemblé - Inox brossé - Numéro au choix - Taille 5, 7 ou 10cm View larger
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Lacier has created a model of assembled numbers for your hotel or even your residential number. The design is elegant and the installation will be simplified thanks to its linked numbers.
All the numbers are possible and made to measure, these are then cut by laser with significant precision and then taken up by hand to ensure that your product is of the best possible choice.

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59,00 € tax incl.

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Product height
20 20%
10 10%

Data sheet

HeightHauteur 100mm
FixationDouble face VHB 3M
QualityTravail qualitatif du dessin vectoriel pour une coupe au laser optimale, Reprise des attaques laser pièce par pièce à la lime, Polissage machine pièce par pièce (rectification de tous les défauts du laser), Double Face VHB 3M ou Soudure d'entretoises sans traces de soudure, Finition par surfaçage manuel, Emballage individuel sachet 100 microns
MaterialInox 304L brossé
Delivery time3 - 4 semaines

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Brushed stainless steel assembled figures
Stainless steel figure, hotel figure and hotel room, products manufactured with the greatest care: laser cutting, resumption of laser attacks piece by piece, machine polishing + manual surfacing piece by piece, fixing of a double-sided VHB 3M or d '' spacers without weld marks. Your order is simply carried out safely on our online store, however, you can contact our technical sales representative who will answer your questions by phone. You have decided or you will decide to buy stainless steel figures for the home or for commercial use, here are the main advantages of this purchase in detail.

Stainless steel figure for house
You know that it is very important to identify your address of residence, it is a service which you render to everyone. We are looking for you, your family, your new friends, or the postman, they will find your house more easily thanks to stainless steel figures affixed on a low wall, a door or an entrance gate. Of course the stainless steel figure is not only used to signal, it is often bought for design purposes, embellishment and personalization of a property. You have on our shop all the leisure to select the typography of your plate composed of stainless steel figure, its manufacture is designed with rigor and application. A final rendering that will satisfy you and arouse everyone's interest, both at the practical level and at the design level.

Hotel figure: design room number
It is once again the design that is put forward with the purchase of figures for hotel rooms. It is clear that a stainless steel sign stands out, we are on a sober and very professional material. The sale of hotel room numbers is characterized by a very attractive price-performance ratio, and a real possibility of tailor-made in terms of both size and finish. The sale of hotel room numbers in brushed stainless steel is a must for your establishment, your customers will greatly appreciate the readability and the return of the message will obviously be synonymous with professionalism. Delivery detail of your stainless steel figures: Times: 1-2 weeks / Times for other numbers: 2-3 weeks.

► Double face VHB3m 4943 or
► Welded spacers: 2 spacers for height 5cm / 4 spacers for height 10cm
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